Monique Caravello


Who is this chick?
I’m Monique….AKA “Mo” exclusively to my family and closest friends in my childhood years and now to music industry professionals. I have been playing guitar and providing tech services for well over thirty five years. I am also referred to as the “Tolex Queen” for my skills in amp refurbishing and modification.
Born in California- I am beach loving, guitar slingin’ singer, songwriter and all around hands on creative person involved in way too many things at all times. But that is what makes up my essence. I am a Renaissance Gal! I work with wood, I tinker with electronics, I rip and strip amps down to a bare bones skeletal frame and I make things beautiful. I make them sing.
My love and involvement with guitars began at the age of 8. I found a guitar and before I knew what to do with it, I was taking it apart and examining the beast to figure out how it worked. It was the beginning of a life time of my love and passion for guitars and music in general. I found my gifts in this instrument, my ability to write, my ability to play and make music with others. Guitar has been the conduit from my heart to all of the outside aspects of life that make life cool…..children, friends, lovers, fields of study, weekend hobby, full time career… name it and the guitar has taken me there at one point in my life or another.
A proud graduate of the old school GIT (class of 1985) when Pat Hicks and Howard Roberts were at the helm and great instructors like Frank Gambale, Don Mock, Steve Trovato, Les Wise, Ron Eschete, Keith Wyatt, and Dan Gilbert were all in one place at the same time. It was here that I was able to rub elbows with some of the greats: BB King, Al Di Meola, Skunk Baxter, Steve Vai, Rick Emmet, Jennifer Batten and many other wonderful and influential players. I was lucky enough to spend my tenth grade year at GIT and become the youngest female graduate to date at the age of 15.
More recently, I have had the rare privilege and opportunity to work with some of the most amazing artists in the industry. In addition to playing guitar, my personal fetish with crafting, building and repairing led me to become a tech to musicians at all levels. I have assisted or worked full time for greats such as: Slash, Peter Frampton, Jerry Cantrell and Mike Inez of Alice in Chains, Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar, Carol King, Bobby Watson, Shuggie Otis, Michaelangelo Battio, John 5 and many more.
This led to my involvement with The Flo Guitar Enthusiast Show with Jeff Floro and Scott Sill. What started out as an appearance on the show “Women in the Industry Part 1” became a talent coordination and occasional co hostess slot.
That show has been nothing but joy with amazingly talented guests and artists from every guitar related arena and has since developed into the “All About Guitar” show with Jeff Floro as the primary host.
My involvement with Jeff and the radio show continues and is beginning to blossom into other areas of development, including an up and coming video/television show.
Stay tuned into the radio show and stay tuned in to my involvement here with Jeff. We have some amazing things in store for guitar lovers and every connection that we make grows tentacles and reaches into several other areas and calls in more noteworthy artists. All of them willing to share and educate. If you want to know about guitars….you’ve come to the right place.
If you have questions, need guitar-bass-amp repair service, modifications, tolex services or tech services in the studio or in a live performance setting- Contact me at momo. or message me on Facebook at mmcaravello or send me a text at: (818) 309-0781