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  • Don Alder January 21, 2020
    NAMM 2020 has just ended and Don Alder returns to All About Guitar with a special post NAMM wrap up!! We take a look at a brand new Don Alder Signature model fanfret guitar by Mayson, with a scalloped upper fretboard. Mayson also released a new harp guitar and we will be looking at that. Alex Wang of Mayson Guitars also joins us to talk about these magnifice […]
  • Muriel Anderson January 14, 2020
    Muriel Anderson returns to All About Guitar and we take a look at her latest work, "Acoustic Chef." Her previous release, "Nightlight Daylight," won many awards including being chosen as one of the top 10 CDs of the decade from Guitar Player Magazine. But Muriel pushes us forward with "Acoustic Chef" best decribed as a multi-sen […]
  • Strymon Pedals January 7, 2020
    We pre recorded this show to broadcast it now to preview for the upcoming NAMM show this month. Pete Celi, Ethan Tufts and Jack Heine joined me and originally we were going to check out the Strymon Iridium and the Flint pedals. There was so much to talk about the Iridium, I knew we couldn't do justice to the Flint pedal, so we decided to cover the Flint […]
  • Ben Woods December 31, 2019
    Ben Woods returns to All About Guitar and on this show we take a closer look at his signature series guitars made by Ortega. These are excellently crafted instruments at a reasonable price, made for the gigging musician. Ben shows us the Flametal series and the BWSM series. Also we take a look at Ben's Nylocaster, a strat modified into an amazing classi […]
  • Howie Anderson, Cathy Lauer December 24, 2019
    As a child, the mention of Christmas always brought to mind toys! And as guitarists, the mention of pedals also brings that twinkle in the eyes of guitarists! Tonight we get to play with toys! My guests are Howie Anderson, of the Strawberry Alarm Clock, and Cathy Lauer, of Systyr Skin-nerd and ToneZoneLA. We take a look at a lot of pedals, some old, some new […]
  • Michael DeTemple December 17, 2019
    I am honored to have Michael DeTemple on the show!! A consumate musician, Michael was a renowned session musician, playing guitar on Dave Mason's best selling album "Alone Together." He worked with such noted artists as Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Pete Townshend, Ron Wood, Randy California, Booker T., Paul Butterfield, E […]
  • Jeff Paris December 10, 2019
    In today's music scene, one has to sometimes wear many hats to thrive and survive as a successful working musician. One such person in is my guest, Jeff Paris. Jeff is a guitarist, but also plays keyboards, mandolin, bass, accordion, harmonica and more! Jeff is also a songwriter, a successful one, having his music performed and recorded by such artists […]
  • Gary Myrick, Prescott Niles December 3, 2019
    Bands come and go, and many musicians move around in different bands in their careers. Tonight we take a look at two powerhouse musicians, Gary Myrick and Prescott Niles, and get a unique insight into a new venture between both of them. Prescott, who has been on several times on All About Guitar, is one of the demand working bassists, coming from the Knack a […]
  • Kai Kurosawa November 26, 2019
    Kai Kurosawa joins us tonight on All About Guitar! Kai is most known for playing the Kubo (aka "The Aircraft Carrier"), but also plays bass, guitar, trumpet and trombone. Kai has a Master of Fine Arts degree in music and has released 6 albums and does seminars worldwide. We talk to Kai about his Kubo, how it was developed and the techniques needed […]
  • "Form Factor" basses November 19, 2019
    Form Factor returns to All About Guitar and they have a lot to talk about! Form Factor has released new basses!! We take a look at these beautiful instruments. And we also take a look at their latest bass amp models. Joining me is Gary Roudenko, from the Bass Exchange Amp Shop. If you are in the market for a new bass and/or amp you need to take a listen to t […]
  • The Gohar & Ovanes Andriassian Guitar Festival & Competition November 12, 2019
    The Gohar & Ovanes Andriassian Guitar Festival & Competition just concluded on November 10th and Satik Andriassian, the festival director, is my guest to talk about the Festival and Competition. Joining Satik are some of the judges and staff of the festival. John M. Kennedy, an accomplished rock and jazz bassist, is a professor at Cal State LA. Sevag […]
  • Frank Stallone Guitars November 5, 2019
    Frank Stallone returns to All About Guitar and tonight we will learn about his new guitar line: Frank Stallone Guitars. Joining Frank will be Gary "GJ" Panepinto, CEO for the company and we will take a closer look at these truly beautiful instruments! Frank and Gary have succeeded in creating a great playing guitar at a very reasonable price! frank […]
  • Daredevil Pedals October 29, 2019
    Gary Roudenko from the Amp Shop Bass Exchange returns to All About Guitar to show us a brand new line of guitar effects made by Daredevil Pedals!! The make a whole line of distortion and overdrive pedals. Based and made in Chicago, Daredevil offers original circuit designs to get extraordinary tones! Joining us also is guitarist Steve Fister, another regular […]
  • Freebo October 15, 2019
    I am excited to announce that Freebo has returned to All About Guitar!! When we last talked to him, Freebo had finished producing Alice Howe's latest album, "Visions," and was performing with her. We catch up to Freebo and see what he is up to now...taking his music on the road, the band, and more!!
  • Dr. David Allan October 8, 2019
    I am proud to have Dr. David Allan back on All About Guitar!! Dr. Allan is the CEO of Rocketship Wellness, a chiropractor, musician and guitarist, and is a recognized expert on mind and body wellness education for over 35 years. He has courses for the musician on injury protection, nutrition, playing with less effort, and power your stage presence. He create […]
  • Aspen Pittman tribute show October 2, 2019
    This past August, the music industry lost a remarkable and innovative pioneer, Aspen Pittman. Aspen Pittman’s designs have been coveted by legendary musicians and record producers for nearly 40 years. His best selling Tube Amp Book has sold over 140,000 copies. He has designed dozens of tube guitar amps, stage and studio microphones, and has designed and bui […]
  • Marc Bonilla September 24, 2019
    I am very honored to have Marc Bonilla return to All About Guitar! We take a look at Marc's most recent solo release: "Celluloid Debris." It's an extraordinary release with some of the best guitar work ever!! We talk to Marc about the album, from conception to final mastering, and Marc will play some of the cuts live! So join me and my gu […]
  • Shiri Goldsmith September 17, 2019
    Shiri Goldsmith returns to All About Guitar this week. I first met her through Jessica Baron, of Guitars In the Classroom. Shiri is one of the teaching artists for Guitars In The Classroom. Tonight we go deeper into Shiri's background as a musician, playing a multitude of instruments, including guitar and ukulele. We take a listen to her group, The Shir […]
  • Bill Champlin September 10, 2019
    Bill Champlin returns to All About Guitar and tonight we talk about his band Wunderground!! Joining Bill are two other members of the band, Tamara Champlin and Gary Falcone. We take a look at Wunderground, it's music, and more!! So join me and special guest host, Lauri Reimer.
  • Janet Robin September 3, 2019
    Janet Robin returns to All About Guitar to talk about The String Revolution's latest EP, "Red Drops," and their new single, "Rocket Man." We take a closer look at the creation of this extraordinary EP by a truly extraordinary group! It's a night of great tone, great music, great guitars and more!! Janetro […]
  • Rob Garland August 27, 2019
    Rob Garland is my guest on All About Guitar. Originally hailing from the UK, Rob is currently living here in Los Angeles. Guitarist, artist, author and session player, Rob currently is faculty at Musician's Institute, and runs an artist channel (Babylon), writes for RIFF Journal, hosts live YouTube sessions and is well known for his best selling Chord N […]
  • Orville Gibson's Legacy August 20, 2019
    Sharon & Gregg Delorto return to All About Guitar as we take a look at the legacy of Orville Gibson going into the next century after his passing, and we have a lot to talk about it. Singer, songwriter, guitarist and collector Frank Stallone joins us and brings some of his prize Gibsons to share with us. Also joining us is Thomas Van Hoose, Guitarist, Co […]
  • Scott Detweiler August 13, 2019
    I met Scott Detweiler when he was a guest of Jessica Anne Baron during the show on Guitars In The Classroom last June (6-3-2019). Tonight we go into more depth with Scott's career. Besides being an artist advocate for Guitars In The Classroom, Scott is quite a multi-faceted artist! Besides playing with his band, The New Orleans Jazz Funksemble, Scott is […]
  • G&L Guitars August 6, 2019
    Ron Moreno, from G&L Guitars returns to All About Guitar and we take a closer look at some new guitars and basses being released by the company. G&L has kept the tradition Leo Fender left the company...further raising the bar on better guitars, basses, pickups, and more and refining and perfecting the technologies involved in making their fine instru […]
  • Marc "The Hatman" Mann July 30, 2019
    Marc "The Hatman" Mann returns to All About Guitar to talk about his latest release, "Deja Blue," by Lefty and the Hatman! Also joining us, via skype, is Jeffrey "Lefty" Levine, the other half of the duo. We will take a closer look Deja Blue, from conception to release. It's a night of great music, great guitar, cool tone a […]
  • "Cruefest" July 23, 2019
    There is an exciting event happening on July 27th, 2019! Cruefest Hollywood is coming to the Whisky with an extraordinary lineup of bands, and all for a great cause. Cruefest was founded by fans of Motley Crue since 2001. All proceeds go to Cancer Charities in memory of Skylar Neil, daughter of Motley Crue lead vocalist Vince Neil who lost her battle with ca […]
  • Strymon pedals Pt.2 July 16, 2019
    Pete Celi and Ethan Tufts, of Strymon, return to All About Guitar and we take a look at another set of pedals. Pete and Ethan will be showing us the Strymon Big Sky Reverb, the Riverside dual hybrid digital/analog drive, and the amazing Deco tape saturizer and double tracker. These pedals represent why Strymon pedals are some of the most used pedals by music […]
  • The Licata Brothers July 9, 2019
    All About Guitar is proud to present The Licata Brothers to the show! Tony and Jimmy are of Peruvian/Italian descent and tonight we talk to them about their latest CD release, "Kindle The Flame." Joining us are the producers of their album, Jean-Pierre Durand and Liza Carbe. We talk to Tony, Jimmy, JP, and Liza about the making of the album, from c […]
  • Rivera Amplification July 2, 2019
    Paul Rivera Jr. returns to All About Guitar and he is bringing along his dad!! Paul Rivera Sr. is the founder of Rivera Amplification and we talk to him about his early Marshall and Fender mods, and his development of his Rivera amps. Also joining us is guitarist Andrew Synowiec, another All About Guitar alumn, as we explore the amazing tone of Rivera Amps!! […]
  • Gibson Guitars, Pt2 June 25, 2019
    Sharon & Gregg De Lorto return to All About Guitar as we continue with our series of shows on Gibson Guitars! Tonight we talk about the ES Series of guitars, including the B.B. King's "Lucille," the ES-347, dot neck ES-335 and more! Joining Sharon & Gregg are Wolf Marshall, guitarist, historian, journalist and educator at UCLA, and Gle […]
  • Jean-Pierre Durand, Liza Carbe, Jim Stubblefield and Timothy Curle June 18, 2019
    I am proud to welcome back Incendio to All About Guitar and we have a lot to talk about! We take a look at their most adventurous album yet, "Summoning The Muse." We talk to Jean-Pierre Durand, Liza Carbe, Jim Stubblefield and Timothy Curle and take a closer look at their latest work, from conception to execution. It's a night of great music, […]
  • David Marks June 11, 2019
    Tonight we talk about music that changed a generation! My guest is David Marks. David played guitar with the Beach Boys and performed on the band's first four albums: "Surfin' Safari," "Surfin' U.S.A.," "Surfer Girl," and "Little Deuce Coupe." After the Beach Boys, David formed the group "David Mark […]
  • Guitars In The Classroom June 4, 2019
    Guitars In The Classroom returns to All About Guitar and a lot has happened since our last visit!! Jessica Baron joins us and is joined by artist/educator Shiri Goldsmith and artist/guitarist Scott Detweiler. We will be talking about adapting music making for students with special needs, and also the latest developments at GITC!! And we take a look at a new […]
  • Yamaha's Custom shop May 28, 2019
    Yamaha Guitars return to All About Guitar! Guitarist and Technical Sales Specialist Andy Winston joins me as well as Pat Campolattano from Yamaha's Custom shop as we take a look at Yamaha's new FG Red Label guitars and the newest TransAcoustic models. It's a great night of great guitars!! […]
  • Carlos Calvo, Julie Tan May 21, 2019
    Have you ever felt stuck, in a rut, having a creative block? Carlos Calvo returns to All About Guitar and he is joined by Julie Tan, a guitarist, singer and songwriter. Carlos and Julie have been developing techniques to help you get out of ruts and plateaus, plus other things that can help you become the player you were meant to be. We will also be talking […]
  • Freebo, Alice Howe May 14, 2019
    Freebo returns to the show and we talk to him about his latest project, producing and performing with guitarist, singer, songwriter Alice Howe. Alice also joins us in studio to talk about her latest release, "Visions." A beautifully crafted album, with great songs and tasty guitar parts, we take a closer look at the creative process, from conceptio […]
  • Systyr Skin-nerd May 7, 2019
    Systyr Skin-nerd are a group of women that love to play the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd. And they do that well! We talk to the group about the challenges being a tribute band and duplicating the sound of such an iconic group, their recent tour in Europe, their upcoming gigs and, of course, their guitars and gear they used to get the Skynyrd sound! […]
  • Tim Pierce April 30, 2019
    Tim Pierce returns to All About Guitar and a lot has happened since we last talked to him! Tim is a perfect example on how musicians are adapting to the changing times and changing technologies and has built quite a prosperous business for himself. Tonight we talk to Tim about his session work, how that has changed and how he has adapted to it, and we also l […]
  • Guitar Shorty April 23, 2019
    I am proud to have Guitar Shorty on the show! A legendary blues rock guitarist, Guitar Shorty was a big influence on Jimi Hendrix. Shorty was the first person Hendrix saw use a wah pedal. Shorty let Jimi borrow his wah and the rest is history. We talk to Guitar Shorty about his playing with such legends as Ray Charles, T-Bone Walker, Big Joe Turner, Little R […]
  • Steve Fister April 16, 2019
    My good friend and amazing guitarist Steve Fister returns to All About Guitar! Fresh off a tour of Europe, we talk to Steve about that tour, the gear he used over there, especially his new signature guitar from DAG. We also take a look at his new release, "Let It Slide," and his participation in the documentery, "Blood, Fret & Tears!" […]
  • Strymon pedals April 9, 2019
    Tonight we take a look at Strymon pedals. Strymon is a young company, started in 2009, and offshoot of Damage Control, not that old itself, started in 2004. But within a very short time Strymon has become one of the foremost pedal effects manufacturers. We talk to Ethan Tufts and Pete Celi from Strymon and take a look at their brand new pedal, the Volante, a […]
  • Gibson guitars, Pt1 April 2, 2019
    I am proud to present the first in a series of shows on Gibson guitars! Gibson is a vital part of our American and global music history and Orville and his company changed music forever!! On our first show we take a look at one of the icons of guitars, the Gibson L-5. This was the first Gibson to feature f-holes and since its debut in 1923 is one of the most […]
  • Chelsea Clark March 26, 2019
    I approached Chelsea Clark several months ago to have her install my Carlos Juan pickup into my Ovation guitar. The original pickup had failed and I wanted to get that guitar up and running. So I had her work on the guitar and tonight we will check it out and talk to Chelsea what she had to do to get my guitar back in action. She also is bringing some other […]
  • Line6 March 19, 2019
    My friends and guitarists Dan Sistos, Jim Stubblefield, and Jean-Pierre Durand have been using and been telling me how amazing the Line 6 Helix is. Other guests like Basil Fung swear by it and there was much buzz about the Helix line at NAMM this past January. JP has been playing with the HX Stomp and tonight we take a closer look at this amazing stompbox an […]
  • Mayson Guitars, Martinez Guitars March 12, 2019
    Don Alder gave me a call just after the holidays and was excited about some new guitars and wanted to do a show on them. I didn't have a Monday open around the NAMM Show, which they were attending, so I pre-recorded this upcoming show to take a look at these amazing instruments. Alex Wang and Van Chan from Mayson Guitars and Martinez Guitars join me and […]
  • Andrew Synowiec March 5, 2019
    I met Andrew Synowiec when he came on the October 15th, 2018 show with Paul Rivera Jr. and I talked to him about being on the show and tonight that is happening! An amazing session guitarist, you have heard Andrew on such motion pictures as "Frozen" and it's hit song "Let It Go," "The Greatest Showman," "Coco," […]
  • Andrea Lisa February 26, 2019
    We have a great show for you tonight! Andrea Lisa returns to All About Guitar and we get a special look at a work in progress, taking a listen to Andrea's new songs for her upcoming album! You are in for a treat, because there is some great songs, fantastic guitar work and some killer tone!! We talk to Andrea on her guitar playing and look at her arrang […]
  • David Becker, Brad Rabuchin February 19, 2019
    David Becker returns to All About Guitar and we go into depth on his latest project "For John," with guitarist Brad Rabuchin. We will get a sneak peek at some of the music on this upcoming album release and talk about the music, the arrangements, the production and some of the interesting instruments used (electric 12-string guitar and electric sit […]
  • Rob Morrow, Carlos Calvo February 12, 2019
    I am honored to have Rob Morrow (Actor; Numb3res, Northern Exposure) on the show, and he is joined with fellow bandmate, and good friend, Carlos Calvo! We take a look at The Rob Morrow Band, take a look and listen to their upcoming album project, and more. It's a night of some great songs, amazing tone, and gear!!
  • Marcella Detroit February 5, 2019
    I am very honored to have Marcella Detroit on the show!! Marcella co-wrote the hit "Lay Down Sally" with Eric Clapton, and she has toured and recorded with Aretha Franklin, Elton John, George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Bob Seger, Leon Russell & Robin Gibb. She has written songs for Al Jarreau, Chaka Khan, Rita Coolidge and Belinda Carlisle. Marcella […]
  • Muriel Anderson January 29, 2019
    I am very honored to have Muriel Anderson on the show! One of the world's foremost fingerstyle guitarists and harp-guitarists, Muriel's facility across the genres of folk, classical, bluegrass, popular and international music is revered by guitarists worldwide. We talk to Muriel about her unique approach to the instrument, transforming the guitar i […]
  • Armen Bibulyan January 22, 2019
    We all know that guitar playing is popular all over the world. And what I am seeing is that guitar building is also happening globally. I am very proud to have Armen Bibulyan on the show. Armen is the owner of Armen Guitars and Basses and he makes some truly beautiful instruments. Based in Armenia, Armen Guitars are becoming quickly known the world over as s […]
  • Don Peake January 15, 2019
    It is always an honor to have Don Peake come on the show, and this time he is bringing along another Wrecking Crew member, bassist Chuck Berghofer! Both are participating in a special concert event, "Farewell to Glen Campbell," on January 27th, 2019 at Bogie's in Westlake Village! We talk to Don and Chuck about working with Glen, the impact of […]
  • Rob Timmons January 8, 2019
    Tonight's show is truly All About Tone!! My guest is Rob Timmons, owner and founder of Arcane Pickups. Arcane makes all sorts of pickups for guitar companies, like James Trussart Guitars, and makes custom pickups emulating artists like Mike Landau and George Lynch. We talk to Rob about how Arcane came to be, and take a look at some of these amazing pick […]
  • Joel Dodson January 2, 2019
    Tonight we talk about an aspect of being a working, touring musician that isn't talked about that much. But it is an important one. Things have changed for some bands that are touring thoughout the USA, Europe and all over the globe. In the old days you would take all of your gear with you, all the amps guitars, and sometimes your P.A. system. With the […]
  • Cathy Lauer December 25, 2018
    I had been wanting to build a pedalboard to use with my acoustic guitars. About 6 months ago I met with Cathy Lauer of ToneZoneLA and we started going back and forth discussing the pedalboard and tonight you will see what we came up with. We talk about what I needed it to do and how Cathy was able to make that happen. From concept to final product, this show […]
  • Paul Lacques December 18, 2018
    I first learned about fellow classmate Paul Lacques being a guitarist and successful producer at my last high school reunion. I contacted him via Facebook and tonight's show is the result of that. Paul and fellow bandmates Rob Waller, Paul Marshall and Victoria Jacobs are part of a very talented and interesting band called I See Hawks In LA. They descri […]
  • G&L Guitars December 11, 2018
    The folks at G&L Guitars are back and they have some new things up their sleeves!! We get a sneak peek at what they will be showing at 2019 Winter NAMM! We take a close look at their newest version of the Doheny - the V12 and much more!!
  • Ed Tree December 4, 2018
    Ed Tree returns to All About Guitar and he brought some friends!! Joining me is the Tall Men Group, a bunch of guitarists-songwriters (and one keyboardist). The line up is Marty Axelrod on keyboards, Severin Browne on acoustic guitar, John Stowers on acoustic guitar, Ed Tree on electric and acoustic guitar, and bass, and founder Jimmy Yessian on acoustic gui […]
  • Stephen Day November 27, 2018
    Stephen Day returns to All About Guitar and we talk about his new album, "One Heart Highway." Stephen's new release features more of his remarkable playing of the Sarod, a popular Indian instrument, as popular as the sitar. We take a closer look at Stephen's new work, the music, it's structure, harmony, and the spiritual significance […]
  • Jamie Kime November 20, 2018
    Tonight is a great night of some amazing guitar playing, extraordinary tone and some great music!! Jamie Kime is my guest. A charter member of Dweezil Zappa's "Zappa Plays Zappa" band, a member of the house band at the world famous Baked Potato, and a faculty member at the Musician's Institute, we talk to Jamie about his solo album, Alley […]
  • Marc Mann November 13, 2018
    Marc Mann returns to All About Guitar and he has been very busy. We take a look at his latest production project, Rubi Ate The Fig's EP "Caress The Moon" and we get a very special sneak peek at an upcoming album featuring Marc and Jeff "Lefty" Levine! The group is called "Lefty & The Hatman" and the upcoming album is ca […]
  • Joey Delgado November 6, 2018
    Joey Delgado returns to All About Guitar and he brings his brothers Bobby (bass) and Steve (drums) to talk about The Delgado Brothers new album, "Two Trains." We take a closer look at the album, the playing, the recording, the concept and inspiration behind the album, and the significance and meaning of the lyrics of the songs! It is a special oppo […]
  • Hiro Miura October 30, 2018
    I am honored to have Hiro Miura on the show! Hiro originally founded Xotic Guitars in 1996, and now is making guitars and basses in his own name, Miura Guitars. We take a look at his legendary basses and guitars and also take a look at his compressor/limiter footpedal and his DI Box/Preamp. Joining us is Gary Roudenko of the Amp Shop/Bass Exchange, where you […]
  • "Power Pop" October 23, 2018
    Former classmate and guitarist Pat DiPuccio returns to the show and we take a closer look at Power Pop. What is it and how do we play it? Joining Pat is very special guest Wally Bryson, known as the guitarist of the Raspberries. Ken Sharp also joins us, an artist and renowned author of books on rock legends. And Rex Broome joins us, a member of the Armoires […]
  • Paul Rivera October 16, 2018
    Rivera amp mods were legendary back in the 1970's and almost every session guitarist and a lot of artists had their amps beefed up by Paul Rivera. In 1976 Rivera R&D was formed and Paul Rivera changed the amp game with new designs of amps, cabinets and more! We talk to Paul Rivera Jr., and talk to him about his famous dad, the legacy of Rivera Amps […]
  • Mini Diaz and Jorgen Carlsson October 9, 2018
    Little Days is a collaboration between Mini Diaz and Jorgen Carlsson. Both musicians are members of Toshi Yanagi's Buzz Wizards. Jorgen is also known for playing bass with Govt. Mule and Nerve Bundle (with Steve Lukather,Toss Panos and Jeff Babko). Mini also sang with Govt. Mule for their "The Dark Side of the Mule" tour. We take a look at Lit […]
  • Universum Guitars October 2, 2018
    Universum Guitars returns to All About Guitar and they have officially announced their new line of DAG Guitars. I was honored to see Steve Fister play this last weekend and Steve brought his custom DAG Grace guitar. The guitar looked absolutely beautiful and sounded amazing!! We take a look at Steve's new axe and also look at DAG's Brent Woods Sign […]
  • Michael Jost, Rick Boston September 25, 2018
    Michael Jost (Radio Venice) returns to All About Guitar and is joined by Rick Boston and we talk to them about their newest project, Dos Pochos. Michael, hailing from Germany, and classically trained, has a unique style of playing that ranges from Paco De Lucia and Stravinsky to Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. Rick, is an American composer and producer based in […]
  • Iain Matthews and Steve Postell September 18, 2018
    It is truly going to be a night of great music, great guitars, great musicians and great tone!! I am honored to have Iain Matthews and Steve Postell on the show! Iain is a legendary artist, having been a member of Fairport Convention and Matthews Southern Comfort. Steve has been on All About Guitar a few times and, besides being an accomplished artist in his […]
  • Adrian Galysh September 11, 2018
    Adrian Galysh returns to show and we take a closer look at his release/re-release, "Venusian Sunrise 20th Anniversary Edition." It includes a whole new mix of the album, a remastered version of the original 1998 mix, and some extra special live cuts. We talk to Adrian about the original album, his approach to doing the new mixes, and, of course, wh […]
  • Jim "Kimo" West September 4, 2018
    Jim "Kimo" West returns to the show and he has a new album!! We take a closer look at his latest release, "Moku Maluhia - Peaceful Island," A magnificent collection of music, it further explores Jim's use of baritone guitar, besides regular acoustic guitar, and features pieces for guitar and cello and guitar and shakuhachi. It's […]
  • The life of Orville Gibson August 28, 2018
    Last week, August 19th, marked the 100 year anniversary of Orville Gibson's death. Sharon and Gregg De Lorto return to the show to talk more about the fascinating life of Orville Gibson! We will get an update on their ongoing documentary on Orville and we will be joined by several special guests. Custom inlay specialist David Nichols will be joining us, […]
  • Larry Koonse August 21, 2018
    It's a night of great jazz and great tone!! My guest is Larry Koonse. Having studied with legend Jimmy Wyble, Larry was the first recipient of a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies at USC. He has toured with such greats as Mel Torme, Natalie Cole and many more. As a session guitarist, Larry has played on albums with Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt, Peter Ersk […]
  • Bernard Maillot August 14, 2018
    It's a very special night at All About Guitar!! Bernard Maillot of Savarez Strings is my guest and he has given us a very special opportunity! Bernard sent me some new prototype guitar and bass strings Savarez is planning to release soon. We will take a look at this new set of strings and get to compare it to their current popular Hexagonal Explosion se […]
  • Grover Jackson August 7, 2018
    All About Guitar is truly honored to have a legend in studio tonight. My guest is Grover Jackson, a luthier well known by most rock guitarists and a major innovator to improving the electric guitar and changing the sound of rock for decades! We talk to Grover about his career, how he made (and makes) a better guitar, and his view of where guitar making and d […]
  • Ed Tree July 31, 2018
    Tonight we talk with Ed Tree, producer, engineer and songwriter with over 35 years of experience working in the LA area. Ed plays a variety of styles and has recorded or toured with Spencer Davis, Rita Coolidge, Juice Newton, Al Stewart, Dusty Springfield and Booker T. Jones. We take a look at Ed's expansive career, producing and getting his great tone, […]
  • Systyr Skin-nerd July 24, 2018
    Systyr Skin-nerd are my guests tonight. Most of them have been on the show but tonight we have the whole band joining me! Cathy Lauer (guitars, dobro, mandolin), Marija Krstic (guitars, harmonica), Deanna Hurst (guitars, vocals), Coreen Sheehan (Lead vocals), Carolee Schwa (keyboards), Shannon Millard (drums), and Shannon Bizzy (bass). We will take a closer […]
  • Jeremy Gardner July 17, 2018
    Social media is an important tool for today's musician. And video streaming, like facebook live, are becoming more important for letting people know who you are and what you about. Streaming live from your phone is becoming more and more popular, but, especially in situations of live gigs, the microphone on your phone doesn't cut it. My guest is Je […]
  • Jeffery Marshall July 10, 2018
    Although Jeff has hung out with us here at All About Guitar, it has been long overdue to have a show featuring him!! Jeffery Marshall is a amazing guitarist, artist, producer, composer and teacher. He presently is playing with Bleeding Harp and the Lao Tizer Band. We take a look at Bleeding Harp's new album and his work with Lao Tizer. Of course, we are […]
  • Linda Taylor July 3, 2018
    Linda Taylor is back for a long overdue visit on All About Guitar. A truly extraordinary guitarist, producer and artist, Linda's playing is impeccable and her tone is to die for! Linda has a new youtube channel, Linda Taylor, and we will talk about what she is doing on there. But even more exciting is she is bringing down to the studio some of her cool […]
  • Jay Gore June 26, 2018
    It's a night of some spectacular guitar playing, some amazing tone and some great music!! My guest is artist and session guitarist Jay Gore. Jay has shared the stage with such artists as Hilary Duff, Lauryn Hill, Michael McDonald, Michael Bolton, The Pointer Sisters, Marcus Miller, Christopher Cross and many others. He has recorded with Sly Stone, Steph […]
  • Gary Roudenko June 19, 2018
    I called up my good friend, Gary Roudenko, from the Bass Exchange to see what's new. He told me I had to have the folks at Sophia come down at take a look at their new tremelo. They have developed a revolutionary new type of tremelo that is really smooth. We take a closer look at their tremelos and how it works!
  • Troy Dexter June 12, 2018
    Troy Dexter returns to All About Guitar and we have a lot to talk about! We take a closer look at his studio work, talking about working on Stephen Bishop's latest album, "Blueprint," and other studio sessions. We will also talk about taking his last album, "ShopTalk," and performing it live. And, of course we will be talking about T […]
  • Jean-Pierre Durand, Liza Carbe, Jim Stubblefield and Tim Curle June 5, 2018
    Incendio is working on their eleventh album and I have been fortunate to get a sneak peak on what they are creating and all I can say is that it is going to be spectacular!! And they have set up a PledgeMusic campaign so everyone can participate and help make this incredible album become a reality. Jean-Pierre Durand, Liza Carbe, Jim Stubblefield and Tim Cur […]
  • Prescott Niles May 29, 2018
    Prescott Niles returns to All About Guitar and we have a lot to talk about. We take a closer look at his session work and live gigging. When working with an established band as Missing Persons, what do you bring to the table? How much do you have to duplicate what's on the album and how much do you make your own? We talk to Prescott about working as a s […]
  • Jeff Cohen, Barney Leeson,Tony Pulizzi May 22, 2018
    When I did a show with Tony Pulizzi, he told me about Voyage-Air Guitar and that I should have them on the show. I was intrigued on how a guitar could be collapsible and still be able to handle the string tension and be strong enough to be roadworthy to withstand the rigors of the road. So tonight I am joined with CEO of Voyage-Air, Jeff Cohen, Barney Leeson […]
  • John Chiodini May 15, 2018
    It's a great night of tasty jazz and extraordinary technique!! My guest is John Chiodini, LA studio musician, jazz guitarist and composer. John has recorded with legends Peggy Lee, Maynard Ferguson, the Boston Pops, Natalie Cole and many more. We take a listen to some of the sessions John has done and talk about comping, accompanying vocalists, playing […]
  • Rob Bonfiglio May 8, 2018
    It's a night of great songs and great tone!! Rob Bonfiglio is back and we are going to take a closer look at his new upcoming album, "Trouble Again." We will talk to Rob about his guitar playing on the album, recording techniques, arrangements, and, of course, what gear he used. The album covers many styles and techniques and we will talk abou […]
  • Andrea Lisa May 2, 2018
    A couple of weeks ago I got a call from my good friend Derrick "Doc" Murdoch and he told me I had to have tonight's guest on the show! As it turned out, I was able to get them on. Hailing from New Zealand, Andrea Lisa is an incredible guitarist and singer/songwriter. She plays jazz and funk with her own unique style, and her tone, both vocally […]
  • Kara Grainger April 24, 2018
    It's a night of some great blues, tone and guitar playing on All About Guitar! My guest is Austrailian singer, songwriter and guitarist Kara Grainger. We take a look at her brilliant slide guitar playing, her writing and singing, and her new upcoming album, "Living With Your Ghost." And, of course, we talk gear! Join me as we hear some great t […]
  • April 16, 2018 April 17, 2018
    I am proud to have an extraordinary group of guitarists, The String Revolution, on All About Guitar! Comprised of Janet Robin, Daniel Schwarz, Art Zavala Jr., and Markus Illko, The String Revolution brings some truly original, inventive and groundbreaking music and guitar playing to the table. We take a closer look at this eclectic quartet and their latest r […]
  • The String Revolution April 17, 2018
    I am proud to have an extraordinary group of guitarists, The String Revolution, on All About Guitar! Comprised of Janet Robin, Daniel Schwarz, Art Zavala Jr., and Markus Illko, The String Revolution brings some truly original, inventive and groundbreaking music and guitar playing to the table. We take a closer look at this eclectic quartet and their latest r […]
  • April 09, 2018 April 10, 2018
    Tonight we take a look at the art of the song and how guitar can play a part in it. My guest is James Lee Stanley, a singer songwriter and a very tasty guitarist. We take a look at his songwriting and how his guitar playing makes a critical part of it. It's a night of great tone, great music and an in depth look at the singer songwriter process!
  • April 02, 2018 April 3, 2018
    All About Guitar welcomes Johnny "Chops" Richardson to the show! A singer, songwriter, guitarist and bassist, having played bass with the Randy Rogers Band, we take a look at the whole package: writing the songs, the arrangements, making the album and then presenting it live. Joining Johnny in studio is guitarist, songwriter, and producer Carlos Ca […]
  • March 26, 2018 March 27, 2018
    Michael Jost is my guest on All About Guitar. Hailing from Germany, Michael lives in Venice Beach and his European heritage, rigorous classical training, and his 21st Century American experience have molded him into a rather unique artist and musician. We take a look at his work on his albums, "Zeitlos" and "California Burning." We also g […]
  • March 19, 2018 March 20, 2018
    It's a great night of checking out some very cool gear! My guest is guitarist Steven Elowe, who is the Western Sales Manager for Boutique Amps Distribution, containing 10 of the most revered boutique amp companies under one roof. Steven will be showing us the latest offerings from Friedman, Morgan, Tone King and Synergy Amps, and we will be checking out […]
  • March 12, 2018 March 13, 2018
    Terry Wollman is my guest on All About Guitar. An extraordinary guitarist, arranger and producer, Terry is a session musician in demand for jazz, pop, rock and R&B sessions, though his contemporary jazz albums are getting much critical acclaim. Terry's TV credits include "Scrubs," "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," FOX TV's […]
  • March 05, 2018 March 6, 2018
    We talk tech with one amazing woman, Chelsea Clark. Having worked with legendary guitar tech and luthier Dan Erlewine, Chelsea also spent some time working at Gibson's Restoration Shop in Nashville. Armed with a degree in Industrial Design, Chelsea moved to Los Angeles and set up "Guitars and Caffeine" doing everything, from setups to vintage […]
  • February 26, 2018 February 27, 2018
    I am honored to have Tariqh Akoni on the show! As a guitarist, he has had quite a diverse and extensive career. He has worked as Musical Director for Josh Groban and Weezer and has worked with David Foster, Steve Wonder, LeAnn Rimes, George Duke, Tom Scott, Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston, and Christina Aguilera, the Backstreet Boys and many more! Tariqh has […]
  • February 19, 2018 February 20, 2018
    It's a great night of some incredible tone and technique, and some great music to boot! My guest is Mark Goldenberg, an amazing guitarist and composer. He has played on records for such artists as Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Rondstadt, Ringo Starr, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Peter Frampton, and Joan Baez, to name a few. We talk to Mark abou […]
  • February 12, 2018 February 13, 2018
    The session guitarist has to be able to play many styles of music and be able to handle anything thrown at him. One such master is Basil Fung. Besides being a session guitarist, he also is a producer, songwriter, arranger and composer for both TV and film. His longstanding career includes many multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning albums and Basil has worked […]
  • February 05, 2018 February 6, 2018
    Guitarist Toshi Yanagi is my guest and we take a closer look at his amazing career. Being part of the house band for ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Toshi started playing piano at age 4 and violin at age five, before getting into guitar, and we will talk about that influence to his playing and writing. We also take a closer look at his work with th […]
  • January 29, 2018 January 30, 2018
    NAMM 2018 has just concluded and a lot of new guitars and gear were debuted. Yamaha product specialists, great guitarists and friends, Andy Winston and Armando Vega, join me tonight as we take a closer look at what new acoustic guitars Yamaha has released for 2018! It's a night of some truly beautiful guitars with great tone and the kind of quality Yama […]
  • January 22, 2018 January 23, 2018
    We all know that music is a global phenomenon. So much so that guitar making is becoming a global affair also. Universum Guitars is one such company, a new one, started in 2016 and hailing from the Ukraine. But the luthiers, Vadim & Dmitry Gavrilenko, have 20+ years experience building guitars, and with Alexander Doroshenko have created some truly beauti […]
  • January 15, 2018 January 16, 2018
    Although Steve Fister has been on the show several times in 2017, it has been a while that we talk to Steve about what he is up to, and he has been busy. We welcome back Steve and take a close look at his new upcoming EP, "The Steve Fister Band: Authorized Bootleg." We also look at the changes to his rig, his new guitars from Godin, and more! It […]
  • January 08, 2018 January 9, 2018
    In 1896, one man started a company that would significantly impact the development of the archtop and electric guitar in America and the world. Orville Gibson started his music instrument company and the rest is history. We celebrate the anniversary of the passing of Orville with Gregg and Sharon De Lorto of Heritage Guitars. We take a look at the life of Or […]
  • January 01, 2018 January 2, 2018
    I am honored to have guitarist, writer, historian, and educator, Jim La Diana on the show. Jim has written a fascinating book, Strings of Memories, on the jazz, session and sideman guitarist that predate the Wrecking Crew. These artists basically developed the arch top guitar and electric guitar and brought the instrument from being used primarily as a rhyth […]
  • December 18, 2017 December 19, 2017
    I am very honored to have Stephen Bishop on the show tonight! Besides being a two time Grammy nominee, an Oscar nominee, and the writer of such hit songs as "Save It For A Rainy Day" and "On and On," Stephen is also an accomplished guitarist. We talk to Stephen about his guitar playing, its impact on his songwriting, and the guitars he ha […]
  • December 04, 2017 December 5, 2017
    G & L Guitars (David McLaren, David Brown and Ron Moreno) returns to All About Guitar and we take a closer look at the beautiful Doheny guitar. Also, we take a peek at what also to expect from G & L at NAMM 2018. And I invited a few of my friends to join us and check out these great guitars: Tony Pulizzi, Prescott Niles (The Knack, Missing Persons), […]
  • November 27, 2017 November 28, 2017
    The sarod is a traditional East Indian instrument and, along with the sitar, is one of the most prominent and popular instruments in India and Hinduism. Stephen Day is an accomplished artist and sarod player and we take a closer look at this fascinating and beautiful instrument. We take a listen to Stephen's performance on the instrument, both in a trad […]
  • November 20, 2017 November 21, 2017
    I am truly honored to have on the show an amazing artist and guitarist, Janet Robin. Besides backing such artists as Lindsey Buckingham, Michelle Shocked, Maia Sharp, Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart, and many others, Janet is part of "The String Revolution," a quartet of some incredible guitarists taking the instrument to all sorts of new places! W […]
  • October 30, 2017 October 31, 2017
    About 2 years ago I won a Surreal Amp Cult 45 head at Loni Specter's L.A. Amp Show in 2016. I didn't know too much about the company but I did meet Jerry Dyer and we talked about having him come on the show. I was impressed by the tone of the amp I won and I was even more impressed with the new models he came out with at the most recent L.A. Amp Sh […]
  • October 23, 2017 October 24, 2017
    It's a great night of tone, amazing technique, and, of course, lots of talk about gear! Tony Pulizzi is my guest and he is a multi-faceted artist, musician and guitarist. From backing up such artists as George Benson, Natalie Cole, and Gladys Knight, Tony also fronts his own band and has been featured as the house guitarist for American Idol! And that […]
  • October 16, 2017 October 17, 2017
    Don Alder returns to All About Guitar literally right off the plane to join us for an incredible show! Don has been touring throughout Europe and the US. We talk to Don about his upcoming album, his expansive tour, and using some new and unusual instruments, some very interesting musical collaborations and, of course, Don's tone and gear! Please join us […]
  • October 09, 2017 October 10, 2017
    We all know the legacy Leo Fender gave us with Fender guitars and amps. But even after Fender was bought in 1965, Leo was still tinkering and constantly trying to improve his guitars and basses. In 1979 Leo started applying these improvements in creating G&L Musical Instruments. We take a look at what Leo developed and how he made his famous instruments […]
  • October 02, 2017 October 3, 2017
    Jim Stubblefield recently released his highly acclaimed album, "Guitare Mystique" and we take a closer look at the making of this album. Joining me and Jim Stubblefield is co-producer and mixing engineer Bo Astrup. We talk to Bo and Jim about the album, from concept to completion, and take a rare look at how an album is made!
  • September 25, 2017 September 26, 2017
    Fuzzbee Morse is one amazing guitarist...and much more. A multi-instrumentalist, session musician and producer, Fuzzbee has toured with Karla Bonoff and Kenny Edwards, and worked with artists like Ric Ocasek of the Cars and Andy Pratt. We take a look at Fuzzbee's guitar playing, including his work with drummer Jerry Marotta, keyboardist David Sancious a […]
  • September 11, 2017 September 12, 2017
    My guest tonight is Chris Peterson and he is the owner of Peterson Guitars. Peterson Guitars specializes in building customized guitars built to the customer's specs. Having learned his craft working at such places as Fender, he truly knows how to make a great guitar! We talk to Chris about what it takes to make a great instrument, the woods, the neck, […]
  • September 04, 2017 September 5, 2017
    Get ready to hear some great guitar playing and check out a revolutionary new online program to learn guitar! Steve Freeman is my guest and is an extraordinary guitarist and educator. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music and Musician's Institute, Steve founded the Atlanta Institute of Music and currently working with Achieve Music, a developer of […]
  • August 28, 2017 August 29, 2017
    Two-time Emmy nominated TV & film composer and singer-songwriter-guitarist Gary Stockdale joins us tonight. And he is not alone. Guitarist Grant Geissman, bassist Steve Deutsch, and producer Greg Prestopino join us as we take a closer look at Gary's new upcoming CD release "Keep Letting Go." It's a rare look at the whole process, from […]
  • August 21, 2017 August 22, 2017
    I had the opportunity to have Laurence Juber on the show when he and Christopher Rodriguez talked about the LA Unified School District music program, which Laurence actively participates in. Also, as and educator, he is very active with Jessica Baron's Guitars In The Classroom. So it seemed right to invite Laurence back on the show to focus on his guita […]
  • August 14, 2017 August 15, 2017
    Although an extraordinary guitarist, Mark Leggett is more known as a composer, Emmy nominated, having composed music for hundreds of television and documentary productions. We take a look at two examples of Mark's body of work, some cues for the television series "My Name Is Earl," and also his work on the Dolly Parton TV movie "Coat of M […]
  • August 07, 2017 August 8, 2017
    Xotic California is a interesting company. I have known them primarily by their amazing effects pedals, but they are also renown in making beautifully handcrafted guitars and basses used by many professional musicians worldwide. Gary Roudenko, of The Amp Shop/Bass Exchange joins us as we go deeper into the company and take a good look at their pedals and ins […]
  • July 31, 2017 August 1, 2017
    I had Vito Gregoli on the show a few months ago and we briefly touched on his work with Kimberly Haynes. Her album "Awaken Me," since then has been getting a lot of acclaim, getting Album of the Year from New World Music. Vito and Kimberly Haynes join me and we go into more detail into the making of this truly beautiful album Kimberly's newest […]
  • July 24, 2017 July 25, 2017
    My guest tonight is Michael Lennon, leader of the band Venice, with his brother Mark and cousins Kipp & Pat Lennon. We take a look at Mike's guitar playing in Venice and how he arranges his guitar parts around the lush vocals which gives Venice its signature sound. So join me for some very tasty licks, killer tone and, of course, great gear!
  • July 17, 2017 July 18, 2017
    It has been 50 years since The Strawberry Alarm Clock became part of music history with their release of their hit "Incense And Peppermint." We will take a look at this extraordinary band and delve into psychedelic music, acid rock and sunshine pop. We will take a look at band members George Bunnell, Mark Weitz, Randy Seol, Howie Anderson, Gene Gun […]
  • July 10, 2017 July 11, 2017
    We have a very interesting show for tonight! Lynette Skynyrd is an all women tribute band for Lynyrd Skynyrd. I have had guitarist Cathy Lauer on the show a couple of times and she is one of the guitarists in the band. We take a look at what it takes to get Lynyrd Skynyrd's classic sound: the gear, the guitars and what techniques are needed get "th […]
  • July 03, 2017 July 4, 2017
    Pat DiPuccio, of The Condors, Blow Up and one of the founders of Flipside Magazine returns to the show to discuss the Detroit Punk Scene. And he is not coming alone! Joining Pat is Frank Meyer, of the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Loren Molinare of The DoGs, Tony Fate of Carnage Asada and Symbol Six, and Ricky Rat of the legendary Trash Brats. And also very s […]
  • June 26, 2017 June 27, 2017
    It is an honor to have Steve Postell back on the show and we have a lot to talk about. We go into more detail into his guitar playing, arranging, songwriting and recording of his albums "Time Still Knocking" and "Until You Get Here." But we also get a sneak peek at his upcoming album, "Walking Through These Blues!" It's a n […]
  • June 19, 2017 June 20, 2017
    It is my pleasure to have Bernard Maillot on the show! Bernard is the President of Savarez Strings, one of the major string makers for the world, especially for flamenco and classical guitars. We will talk to Bernard about how these strings are made and also get some insight to all the different types of strings Savarez makes and what might be the best for y […]
  • June 12, 2017 June 13, 2017
    I am honored to have Marc Bonilla on the show this week! Being a member of the Keith Emerson Band and Danny Seraphine's (of Chicago fame) new group CTA (California Transit Authority), Marc has had a very successful career as a solo artist and session player for films and television. We will take a look at Marc's playing, his great tone and techniqu […]
  • June 05, 2017 June 6, 2017
    I am proud to announce that Greg De Lorto of Heritage Guitars will be on the show! Heritage Guitars is basically the original luthiers that made the much coveted Gibson guitars from the late 1950's to the middle to late 1960's. They are located in the original Kalamazoo Michigan plant that, for many years, was where Gibson guitars were made. Using […]
  • May 29, 2017 May 30, 2017
    I am honored to have Kim Martin join us on All About Guitar. Kim started playing bass at 14 years old and studied and graduated from the Berklee College fo Music (Bass Guitar) and also the Grove Music School (Recording/Engineering). We will talk to Kim about her new EP "Old Southern Soul," and also go into detail into her playing the bass. And we w […]
  • May 22, 2017 May 23, 2017
    Jessica Anne Baron had introduced me to Christopher Rodriguez at NAMM at the annual Guitars In The Classroom Brunch. Tonight we get to take a look at the fruits of GITC and how Chris Rodriguez has developed music and music education in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Laurence Juber, artist advocate for GITC and international recording artist and gui […]
  • May 15, 2017 May 16, 2017
    Last year Troy Dexter came on the show and besides talking to him about his career playing with Wilson Phillips and studio work, we got a glimpse of his upcoming album "Shop Talk." Now the album has been released and what better excuse to have Troy back on the show. We explore more deeply the making of "Shop Talk," his guitar playing on i […]
  • May 08, 2017 May 9, 2017
    My guest this week is guitarist, composer, arranger and songwriter Richard Gomez. While hailing from the Dominican Republic, Richard is a graduate (with honors) from Musician's Institute and studied with Joe Pass, Scott Henderson and Joe Diorio. A truly international performer, Richard was honored by UNESCO and the Dominican Ministry of Culture on Inter […]
  • May 01, 2017 May 2, 2017
    Another night of great guitar playing and tone! My guest is Carmen Grillo. Carmen is presently playing with the Sons Of Champlin, but is also known for playing with Tower Of Power. Carmen has also worked with Rita Coolidge and Chicago. We take a look at Carmen's album "A Different World" and talk about his playing and how he gets his great ton […]
  • April 24, 2017 April 25, 2017
    I am honored to have Bill Champlin on the show. Bill is a singer, songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist and producer. Starting with his group the Sons of Champlin, and being part of the band Chicago, he also is an in demand session man, having worked with Al Jarreau, George Duke, Boz Scaggs, Elton John, The Tubes, Lee Ritenour, Amy Grant and many more. He co-wr […]
  • April 17, 2017 April 18, 2017
    What makes a successful musical collaboration? Especially when both people are guitarists? Jackie Bristow and Mark Punch join me tonight and we take a closer look at the magic of their collaboration at making some truly great music. Jackie is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Mark is a great guitarist, arranger, singer, songwriter and producer for Jackie […]
  • April 10, 2017 April 11, 2017
    Carlos Calvo is an amazing guitarist. Besides being a great session guitarist, having worked on the TV show King of the Hill, a singer-songwriter, and producer, Carlos also has another interesting job. He coaches actors how to play guitar on screen and make it look authentic. He has worked with David Duchovney on Californication and also worked on the show R […]
  • April 03, 2017 April 4, 2017
    My guest for this week's show is Vito Gregoli. Vito is a producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, besides being a great guitarist. With early roots in pop, rock, jazz and blues, Vito studied classical music, with an emphasis in Renaissance music, composition and classical guitar. And later, Vito started experimenting with global instruments and Wo […]
  • March 27, 2017 March 28, 2017
    Dr. David Allan returns to All About Guitar and we take a look at how we go into more detail on how to deal with repetitive stress injuries and also how to prevent hurting our hands. We will be looking at one of the main causes of straining ourselves, incorrect posture and how correct posture and affect our playing and health in general.
  • March 20, 2017 March 21, 2017
    Don Peake returns to the show and this time we take a closer look at his work as a session guitarist. As the staff guitarist at Motown Records, Don helped define the "Motown Sound" and we take a closer look at one of the most distinctive and influential styles of music mixing R&B, funk, blues, jazz and pop. Also we take another look at Don play […]
  • March 13, 2017 March 14, 2017
    Pat Wilkins originally started working for Acoustic Amps, and moved on to finishing and building guitars for David Schecter. Studying under David Schecter and Tom Anderson, Pat started his own business in 1983, both finishing and building guitars and basses. We talk to Pat about his "vintage" line of basses and guitars and also joining us is Howard […]
  • March 06, 2017 March 7, 2017
    Voted "Outstanding Guitarist of the Year" as a student by the faculty of Musician's Institute, Doug Perkins was subsequently hired as a staff instructor at MI. Doug also has composed and produced music for film and TV, including Spongebob Squarepants and Justified. We talk to Doug about his days at MI, his guitar playing and his involvement in […]
  • February 27, 2017 February 28, 2017
    I am honored to have Robert Sarzo on the show. Robert started out recording and touring with Bob Seger. He formed the band "Hurricane" with bassist Tony Cavazo, singer Kelly Hansen and drummer Jay Schellen. Robert has worked with such legends as Jimmy Iovine, Bob Ezrin, and Robert Stigwood. He has also worked with reggae artist Garland Jeffreys and […]
  • February 20, 2017 February 21, 2017
    Probyn Gregory is my guest and most known as a member of the Brian Wilson Band, but there's more to him than that. He has performed or recorded with such people as Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Badly Drawn Boy, Andrew Gold, Heart, Jan & Dean and many more. We talk to Probyn about his work with Brian and others and explore deeper into his […]
  • February 13, 2017 February 14, 2017
    Oui' 3 had been on the FLO Guitar-Enthusiasts and it is my pleasure to have them on All About Guitar. Lou Castro, the bassist of the group, and I have known each other for quite a while, and, together with Billy Joe Wiseman on guitar and Jim Xavier on drums, they have become quite the eclectic trio doing jazz with a prog and fusion influence. Tonight we […]
  • February 6, 2017 February 7, 2017
    I am honored to have John Bisaha on the show tonight! John is the bass player and vocalist for The Babys and has been since 2013. We talk to John about The Babys, working with fellow band members and guitarists Wally Stocker and Joey Sykes. We will also take a look at what John is using, the gear setup of the band, and his approach to playing bass in The Bab […]
  • January 30, 2017 January 31, 2017
    Don Kirkpatrick is a session musician that was quite prolific during the 1980's. Don was the guitarist on most of the Animotion hits, beside playing for such artists as Joe Cocker, Amy Grant and Michael Bolton. In 2000, Don became a regular member of Rod Stewart's touring band. We talk to Don about his studio work, the '80's sound, and hi […]
  • January 23, 2017 January 24, 2017
    Jim "Kimo" West returns to All About Guitar with Ken Emerson. We talk to Jim and Ken about their newest collaboration, "Slackers In Paradise." Joining me, as my guest host, is artist and guitarist Don Alder. We will be talking about how this album came about, slack key guitar, slide guitar, tunings, tone, technique and more!
  • January 16, 2017 January 16, 2017
    Don Alder returns to All About Guitar and we delve deeper into this amazing artist and guitarist. Known and acclaimed worldwide, Don was the 2016 Instrumental Artist of the Year for his latest work, "Armed and Dangerous," and was one of Lee Ritenour's advisory judges for his Six String Theory Contest. We take a closer look at Don's harp g […]
  • January 09, 2017 January 9, 2017
    All About Guitar: Jean-Pierre Durand had showed me his Tele style Reverend guitar a while back and was raving about it. I tried it and was suitably impressed. A beautiful playing neck with incredible tone! It's taken a little time with coordinating everyone's schedules but I am proud to have Ken Haas of Reverend Guitars on the show! And joining me […]
  • January 02, 2017 January 2, 2017
    Ron Moreno returns with some new toys for 2017 for us to look at! A new preamp by Gallen Kruger, some new boxes from Big Joe, a new wireless system for guitar by PRA Audio and more! Join us as we get a "sneak peek" of some stuff to be shown at NAMM this month!
  • December 26, 2016 December 26, 2016
    Jose Garcia appeared on the show with Luis Villegas, having played on his album, Eastside Democracy and performed with Luis on the show. Jose mentioned at that time that he was finishing up his new solo album and we agreed to do a show on him then. Well I am happy to say the time has come and his album, Pasajes, is spectacular. Combining some great classical […]
  • December 19, 2016 December 19, 2016
    Almost 2 years to the date, Pat "Pooch" had come on The FLO Guitar-Enthusiasts Radio show and we talked about Punk. Pat was one of the founding members of Flipside Magazine, a indie publication that pretty much documented punk music, especially in Los Angeles. We quickly realized there was way too much to cover so we planned on the next show. Tonig […]
  • December 12, 2016 December 12, 2016
    A lot of musicians have to wear a lot of hats to survive in this tough industry, and tonight's guest, Steve McCormick, is a multi-faceted artist. A studio owner, producer, session player, composer/songwriter and microphone builder, Steve is quite a busy guy! We talk to Steve about his guitar playing, his songwriting, session work for TV commercials, his […]
  • December 05, 2016 December 5, 2016
    Troy Dexter is a session guitarist and keyboardist, and also a producer, but is probably known most for playing keyboards and guitar with Wilson Phillips. Tonight we take a closer look at this multi-instrumentalist. From his session work, gigging with Wilson Phillips, Troy's new album, "Shop Talk," how keyboards, orchestration affect his guita […]
  • November 28, 2016 November 28, 2016
    You can thank Facebook for tonight's show! I saw a video of Rosie playing some Hendrix on Facebook, and I knew I had to get her on the show!! Rosie plays in a variety of bands like Cougrzz Rock, Femme Halen, her original project CR Acoustic Duo, and her blues/soul project, RAP. And Rosie has also done session work, both on albums and film scores. We tal […]
  • November 21, 2016 November 21, 2016
    Back in June Marc Mann had come on the show and we talked about his incredible career as a guitarist, keyboardist, arranger and orchestrator. Marc is back and we are going into more depth on his live setup. He mentioned using the Roland VG system while touring with ELO and when he played with Eric Clapton for the Concert for George Harrison. We talk to Marc […]
  • November 14, 2016 November 14, 2016
    It is truly an honor to welcome back guitarist David Maldonado to the show! His new album "Davicas" is getting a lot of buzz and I am proud to announce that it is being considered for a Grammy nomination!! His musicianship is diverse, playing banjo, mandolin, and bouzouki, and he is accomplished in classical, flamenco, country, bluegrass, among oth […]
  • November 07, 2016 November 7, 2016
    I am honored to have bassist Rik Fox on the show! Rik is probably most famous for being the bassist for such groups as W.A.S.P., Steeler, and SIN, but he also performed with such notable rock musicians like Ronnie James Dio, Sam Kinison, Spiders & Snakes and Little Steven. We talk to Rik about playing bass with a "wall of guitars," his writing, […]
  • October 31, 2016 October 31, 2016
    One thing not talked about in music circles but is becoming a very frequent occurence is music related injuries, especially to the hands and arms. And with increased use of computers in the music field, hand injuries, especially, are becoming more commonplace than anyone would like. My guest tonight is Dr. David Allan. A licensed doctor of Chiropractic medic […]
  • October 24, 2016 October 24, 2016
    Steve Bartek has a broad and quite diverse career! From playing flute with the legendary 60's band, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, to playing in the music troup The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, which became the also legendary group, Oingo Boingo. All the while Steve was studying music composition at UCLA, which has served Steve a lot, composing and […]
  • October 17, 2016 October 17, 2016
    Dave Pearlman returns to All About Guitar. Dave had been on before to talk about his world renowned microphones and now we are going to talk to Dave about his guitar playing, especially his steel guitar work! Having played with artists like Dan Fogelberg, Phil Everly, Bill Medley, Hoyt Axton, REO Speedwagon, Bobby Womack, Michelle Shocked, Joe Walsh and many […]
  • October 10, 2016 October 10, 2016
    Don Peake is an amazing musician. Starting out as the lead guitarist for the Everly Brothers, Don also was part of the Wrecking Crew and did sessions for Phil Spector, the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, The Monkees and the Mamas & The Papas. Don also was the staff guitarist for Motown records, playing on all the Jackson 5 hits, The Supremes and Marvin Gaye. […]
  • October 03, 2016 October 3, 2016
    Our study of new classical and flamenco guitar continues with a very special show! Joining us in-studio, hailing from England, is guitarist extraordinaire Mark Barnwell. With more than 30 years of guitar playing and five albums to his credit. We talk to Mark about his new album, Mandala, which features guest appearances by Jim Stubblefield, Jean Pierre Duran […]
  • September 26, 2016 September 26, 2016
    Attention all you singer-songwriters! Although known as a world-renowned bassist, having worked with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, CSN, John Mayall, Maria Muldar, Ringo Starr, Neil Young, Dr. John and Loudon Wainwright, Freebo is an amazing guitarist and songwriter. We talk to Freebo about his songs, how he integrates guitar into his writing and his use of diff […]
  • September 19, 2016 September 19, 2016
    Although the son of renowned guitarist Larry Coryell, Julian Coryell is much more than that. Starting on piano at 5 years old and learning also drums, violin and bass besides guitar, Julian was one of the youngest musicians to graduate from the Berkelee School of Music. We talk to Julian about his albums, jazz fusion, touring, and teaching. And we, of course […]
  • September 12, 2016 September 12, 2016
    Gary Roudenko & the gang at The Amp Shop Bass Exchange come down to show us what's new for bass players! Gary just got his hands on the new Peter Florance "Jaco" clone jazz bass pickups and we will give them a listen. Also we will be looking at what else is new for bass players. It's a night of great tone and gear!
  • September 05, 2016 September 5, 2016
    Fillippo Olivieri joins me in studio with some of his outstanding products made by his company Solo Dallas. His Schaffer Replica, the original electronics of the Schaffer wireless system that guitarists have used as an overdrive system, is used by many artists, including AC/DC's Angus Young, Ron Wood, Neal Schon, Joe Bonamassa, and many, many more. Fili […]
  • August 29, 2016 August 29, 2016
    Yamaha Guitars are back!! And tonight we take a look at their acoustic guitars. I bought a FG 180 back around 1970 and have used it for countless sessions and gigs. You can see me with it playing live in 1974 and a picture of me with it now! Yamaha Product Specialists Andy Winston and David Chavez join me in studio and show us the 50th anniversary reissue of […]
  • August 22, 2016 August 22, 2016
    Cathy Lauer is an amazing woman! Besides being a great guitarist and part of the band Lynette Skynyrd, she is also an amazing tech and builds custom pedalboard and rack systems at her company, Tone Zone LA. We talk to Cathy about a special project, building a new pedalboard for legendary guitarist "Guitar Shorty." (Guitar Shorty was the person who […]
  • August 15, 2016 August 15, 2016
    It's a night of guitars and amps at All About Guitar! I am joined by Mark "Stig" Daughney, a guitarist known for his tech work with Neil Geraldo (of Pat Benatar fame) and John Fogerty (known both as a solo artist and one of the founders of Creedence Clearwater Revival). We talk to "Stig" about guitar setups, amp mods, issues and fixe […]
  • August 08, 2016 August 8, 2016
    I am proud to have on the show another great flamenco/classical guitarist who is pushing the boundaries and creating some beautiful guitar music, adding to the repertoire for new musicians to play. Luis Villegas combines New Age, classical, flamenco and jazz and tonight we take a look at his new album, Eastside Democracy, and take a closer look at Luis' […]
  • August 01, 2016 August 1, 2016
    John Wicks is best known as the lead singer and songwriter of the UK rock and power pop "The Records." As a singer-songwriter John's songs have been recorded by The Searchers, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Too Much Joy, and Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks, among others. We take a look at John's songwriting, looking deeper into what is Power Pop, h […]
  • July 25, 2016 July 25, 2016
    It's another night of great tone and monster chops! Linda Taylor is a session guitarist, composer, and producer. She has recorded and/or performed with Art Garfunkel, Maia Sharp, Tracy Chapman, Sheila E. and Christopher Cross, to name a few. She is well known as the guitarist/composer from ABC's "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" with Drew Carey. […]
  • July 18, 2016 July 18, 2016
    What does it take to be a bassist in a hard rock band? How do you punch through a wall of distorted guitars and pounding drums? We take a look at that and more with bassist Bjorn Englen. Bjorn has played bass for Quiet Riot, Yngwie Malmsteen and plays with Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth and Tony Macalpine. Bjorn is also a member of the Dio Disciples featur […]
  • July 11, 2016 July 11, 2016
    Adrian Galysh is solo artist, session musician, published author and educator and he just released his new album "Into The Blue." With stellar guests like Kacee Clanton (Joe Cocker) and guitarists Carl Verheyen and Johnny Hiland, Adrian has produced an very interesting album with a mix of blues, rock and more! We talk to Adrian about his sound, his […]
  • July 04, 2016 July 4, 2016
    Electric bass, as an instrument, has come a long way, since the late 1950's, early 1960's, where it made its impact on the music scene. Besides the multitude of styles and techniques used by bass players today, the demands on amplification has also become more critical. With 5-string basses and beyond, bass players need a wider range amp with great […]
  • June 27, 2016 June 27, 2016
    It's a night of great guitars!! Chris "CB" Hill makes some incredible guitars and visits us in studio with some of his creations! His jazz guitars are legendary in jazz circles, but he makes a wide variety of models to suit any style. We will also talk about his 7-string models and what it takes to make them. Joining me are two jazz guitar exp […]
  • June 20, 2016 June 20, 2016
    This week we welcome Rob Bonfiglio to the show! Besides being a great guitarist, Rob is the musical director for Wilson Phillips, former member of the band Wanderlust, and a member of the Badfinger cover band Straight Up, with Jeff Alan Ross (former member of Badfinger). But Rob is also a singer, songwriter and producer, having released four albums. We take […]
  • June 13, 2016 June 13, 2016
    If you are into classical and flamenco guitar, you are in for a special treat! We are honored to have in studio guitarist Eric Hansen. Eric has just released his new album Glistening and we are going to take a look at it and Eric's playing. Eric is in town to do a series of concerts with Jim Stubblefield, of Incendio, and Jim joins us in studio to talk […]
  • June 06, 2016 June 6, 2016
    The best word to describe Marc Mann and his musical career is "diverse." Besides being a session guitarist and a touring musician for such artists as the Electric Light Orchestra and Oingo Boingo. He also played in the Concert for George alongside Eric Clapton, Jeff Lynne, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. He is a film composer and has worked for man […]
  • May 30, 2016 May 30, 2016
    Steve Fister returns to All About Guitar and we talk about his new album and new band, "Electro-Acoustic!" Steve pulls out all the stops and raises the bar with this new album. We take a pre-release preview of this great album and talk with Steve about its development, exploring new techniques and guitars!
  • May 23, 2016 May 23, 2016
    Los Angeles is a melting pot of different peoples, cultures and music. When we hear people talk about the "L.A" sound, people think of the work of the Wrecking Crew and all the hits and artists they propelled into the charts, but there were a lot more musicians and music happening from the 1960's and beyond. A lot of music has come out of East […]
  • May 16, 2016 May 16, 2016
    I had heard of Pearlman mics at NAMM, but really got my attention was when Carbe-Durand was on the show talking about their new album "A Bridge Between" and I was commenting how great the guitars sounded. Jean-Pierre mentioned that they use these new mics they got, Pearlmans, on almost all of the cuts. Dave Pearlman, the creator of these extraordin […]
  • May 09, 2016 May 9, 2016
    The sideman, the session guitarist, most people have heard their work but few know who they are. But these session musicians have made an impact on today's music just as much as the artists they have worked for. Two examples of great session/side musicians are Steve Postell and Danny Kortchmar. Steve was a member of the group Pure Prairie League and wen […]
  • May 02, 2016 May 2, 2016
    I am truly honored to have one of the great guitarists of our time, Albert Lee, on the show. He is the definition of great technique and great tone! He has played with such notables as Emmy Lou Harris, Joe Cocker, The Everly Brothers, The Crickets, and Eric Clapton, among others and has been an in-demand session guitarist for many artists. Albert's Tele […]
  • April 25, 2016 April 25, 2016
    Rosemary Butler is known as an incredible vocalist. She has sang and toured with artists like James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Bette Midler, The Doobie Brothers, Jackson Browne, Kenny Loggins and many, many more! But she is also another important part of music history. Rosemary was the bassist and vocalist for the all girl rock band Birtha. (Birth […]
  • April 18, 2016 April 18, 2016
    At NAMM last January, I got a chance to check out the Yamaha booth and saw some amazing new guitars and amps. Yamaha product specialists Andy Winston and Armando Vega showed me the new Revstar guitars and the THR100H Modeling amp. These are great sounding guitars and they play great! And this new amp was really impressive! I was able to get Andy and Armando, […]
  • April 11, 2016 April 11, 2016
    Ali Handal is an amazing guitarist and artist! As a singer songwriter, she is just as comfortable playing hard rock as she is doing fingerstyle guitar, or rock. As a session musician, she has worked with people like Neil Young and Paul Williams. But she also is a teacher. Ali has written a book, "Guitar for Girls," and it is an excellent "Begi […]
  • April 04, 2016 April 4, 2016
    Jim "Kimo" West is a man of many talents. Besides being the guitarist for Weird Al Yankovich, he is one of the premiere Hawaiian Slack Key guitarists and just an incredible musician. Jim has a new album out, "Guitar Stories: Slack Key & Beyond," and he raises the bar and pushes his music into even more directions. We take a look at Ji […]
  • March 28, 2016 March 28, 2016
    I am very happy to welcome back several people who have been on All About Guitar and The FLO Guitar-Enthusiasts, but the topic for tonight is a somber one. Guitar theft. In preparing for this show I have talked to various musicians that I know and pretty much all of them have had an instrument stolen from them at one time or another. (I have had a drumset st […]
  • March 21, 2016 March 21, 2016
    I remember talking with Jean Pierre Durand last November. He was busy finishing up mixing Incendio's Christmas Album "O Night Divine." He also mentioned as soon as the Incendio album was done he and Liza Carbe were recording a new album as a duo. They had toured and played in China earlier in April and that was the inspiration and motivation t […]
  • March 14, 2016 March 14, 2016
    Way back when I did my Senior Recital at USC, I had the privilege to use a prototype pitch to voltage converter, monophonic, that eventually became the 360 systems guitar synth that Lee Ritenour used on his legendary album "Captain Fingers." Later we saw such instruments like the SynthAxe, used by Allan Holdsworth and one of the first mass produced […]
  • March 07, 2016 March 7, 2016
    "By Bass Players, for Bass Players." That is the what Trickfish Amps are all about. Started in 2014 by bassist, designer, and businessman Richard Ruse, Richard's background came from working for such companies as SWR Enginerring, JBL Professional and KRK Systems, Richard has brought all this knowledge to ultimately come up with the ultimate ba […]
  • February 29, 2016 March 1, 2016
    We have a great show tonight! I am proud to have Rafael Moreira on the show! And international guitarist and artist hailing from Brazil, Rafael started singing at age four and playing guitar at age six! Since then, Rafael has played guitar for such artists as Don Felder, Steven Tyler, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Shakira, Stevie Wonder, Adam Levine, Kelly Clark […]
  • February 22, 2016 February 22, 2016
    It's all about jazz tonight on All About Guitar. My guest is renowned guitarist David Becker. Another graduate of Musician's Institute, the Grammy nominated guitarist has gained recognition, both by the public and his peers, playing in his group, the David Becker Tribune, and doing a highly acclaimed album with legend Joe Diorio, "The Color Of […]
  • February 15, 2016 February 15, 2016
    I was introduced to Michael Lemmo through Norm Harris when he was on the FLO Guitar-Enthusiasts. I was impressed with his playing then. Michael called me a couple of months ago and told me about his new album, and I knew it was time to have him on and take a good look at this accomplished musician. Having started playing guitar at 11 and earning a full schol […]
  • February 08, 2016 February 8, 2016
    It's another night of great tone and extraordinary technique. I am honored to have guitarist Dan Sistos on the show. A sought after session and touring musician, Dan has played with such notables as Christine Aguilera, Toni Braxton, Paulina Rubio, Macy Gray, Martina McBride, Juan Gabriel, Antonio Solis, and Shaila Durcal, to name a few. A graduate from […]
  • February 01, 2016 February 1, 2016
    I met Andy Alt last September at the LA Amp Expo and got a good listen to his revolutionary "A Little Thunder" guitar pickup. The pickup is designed with an algorithm that takes the signal (from the low E and A strings) and translates them into a bass signal (either an octave or two octaves lower than the orignal note) while still preserving all 6 […]
  • January 25, 2016 January 25, 2016
    We are honored to have Grammy Award winning guitarist Ed Gerhard on the show this week! Performing on 6-string, 12-string, slide guitar or acoustic Hawaiian lap slide, Ed's playing can also be heard on recordings by Arlo Guthrie, Jorma Kaukonen and in the Ken Burns film "Mark Twain aht "The National Parks: America's Best Idea." Along […]
  • January 18, 2016 January 18, 2016
    Don Alder is an exceptional guitarist. Hailing from Canada, Don has served on the advisory panel for Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Contest and been a part of Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night Performances, held at the winter NAMM shows in Anaheim. He is a master of acoustic steel string, baritone guitar and harp guitar. Don has won numerou […]
  • January 11, 2016 January 11, 2016
    It is truly an honor to welcome back Prescott Niles back to the show! Actually we had him on The FLO Guitar-Enthusiasts and we barely scratched the surface of what this amazing musician can do! Prescott is well known for being the bassist of the band The Knack, and his iconic bass riff for "My Sharona" is known by a lot of musicians over several ge […]
  • January 04, 2016 January 4, 2016
    We all know the 1960's and 1970's was a rich time for music. Some amazing and groundbreaking groups and artists gave us such a varied and brilliant body of work that is has changed music forever. But there was another "golden age" too! The session musicians, the people behind the hits were experiencing a very creative and prosperous perio […]
  • December 21, 2015 December 21, 2015
    You know how it is when everything gets turned around? Well that happens tonight when we talk about "My Sordid Past!" I will be interviewed by guest guitarists and friends Jean-Pierre Durand and Lance Allyn. I have dug into the Floro Archives and pulled some music clips of various sessions that I think you will enjoy! Covering over 40 years of sess […]
  • December 14, 2015 December 14, 2015
    My guest this week is Tina Karras. Tina is a classical guitarist and pianist, but is more than that. Pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter, Tina has taken her classical roots and is taking her music into new and exciting directions! Claiming classical influences of Bach, Beethoven and Debussy and rock influences The Beatles, Carly Simon and Fleetwood Mac, […]
  • December 07, 2015 December 7, 2015
    Since 1974, Michael Tobias has been tweaking and tinkering on guitars and basses, eventually he started building instruments, especially basses, and his Tobias basses have been collectible instruments used by a broad range of artists. In 1994, Michael started a new company, Michael Tobias Design, and has taken his instruments to a whole new level. To quote M […]
  • November 30, 2015 November 30, 2015
    Ben Woods is a world renowned flamenco guitarist, but he is much more than that! Taking the music of Metallica and transcribing it for guitar, he has developed what people are calling "Flametallica" - a new hybrid style of music. Ben is pushing the bar bringing new and exciting repertoire to the flamenco and classical guitar body of music! We will […]
  • November 23, 2015 November 23, 2015
    There are a few artists that really push the boundaries of their art, raise the bar, and take us to new places! Liona Boyd is one of those people! Truly the "First Lady Of Guitar" she has been one of the "A" list classical guitar artists for many years (having studied with Andres Segovia, Eli Kassner, Narciso Yepes, Alirio Diaz and Julian […]
  • November 16, 2015 November 16, 2015
    The Allman Brothers Band. An iconic band, part of the "New South" music happening at the time which had a profound impact on rock and blues music for years to come. Guitarists Duane Allman and Dickey Betts both were perfect examples of great tone and technique. Tonight we delve into that legendary tone! Willie Perkins, who was the tour manager for […]
  • November 09, 2015 November 9, 2015
    The late 1960's and early 1970's - this was an exciting and vibrant time for music, especially in Los Angeles. And there was Fanny, headed by June and Jean Millington. They, as an all girl rock band, opened the door for groups like the Runaways and the Go-Go's. And June and Jean, along with such renowned artists like Laura Nyro and Joni Mitche […]
  • November 02, 2015 November 2, 2015
    It's another great night delving into the secrets of great tone! Since 1994 Larry Pollack has strived to raise the bar in the design and improvement of musical instrument electronics. His background in engineering, mathematics and music have guided him there for 40 years! Aero Instruments has been one of the most popular places to get custom made to ord […]
  • October 19, 2015 October 19, 2015
    We all have heard some amazing guitarists who can solo like there's no tomorrow. And it's always fun to let loose and improvise! But life isn't always all soloing! As most session players know, a lot of guitar playing in the trenches is playing in a rhythm section and accompanying a singer or group. But let's take it further. What about w […]
  • October 12, 2015 October 12, 2015
    Tonight is another night of great chops and killer tone! Joining me tonight is guitarist Steve Fister! Steve has worked with Steppenwolf, Pat Travers Band, Stu Hamm and Jack Cassidy. He was the musical director for Lita Ford and has 9 solo albums under his belt. He is presently playing in the Tri-Fecta with bassist Ric Fierabracci and drummer Ray Brinker, wi […]
  • October 05, 2015 October 5, 2015
    It's another night of great tone! Bobby Cochran returns to the show (He joined us on our "surf music" show with Tom Potts and Matt Quilter, 8-3-2015). Tonight we talk about his work as a guitarist for hire, having worked with Steppenwolf, The Flying Burrito Bros. and Leon Russell. A man of many styles, wearing many hats, we also talk to him ab […]
  • September 28, 2015 September 28, 2015
    With the LA Amp Show coming up this coming weekend, it seems appropriate that I have a pedal manufacturer that I met at the Guitar Pedal Expo, the sister show of the LA Amp Show. They had some great pedals at the show and I ended up buying one a couple of months later. My guest is Sean Pierce Johnson of Neunaber Audio Effects. Neunaber make some great digita […]
  • September 21, 2015 September 21, 2015
    Since 1975, Janet and Greg Deering started building banjos and Deering Banjos have become the largest manufacturer of banjos in America. And with good reason! These banjos are quality made, and are available in price ranges that everyone can afford. Joining us is Jaime Deering, Vice-President of Expansion, at Deering Banjo. Also returning to the show is Deer […]
  • September 14, 2015 September 14, 2015
    To continue with our look at new and innovative ideas and techniques being utilized in teaching our children how to play music and how it can improve their lives in many other ways, we welcome back Linda and Les Wise! We had them on before, on the FLO Guitar-Enthusiasts, once explaining their teaching curriculum, The Deliberate Musician, and they had also re […]
  • August 31, 2015 September 9, 2015
    We are honored to have Steve Vai on the show tonight! Steve has truly pioneered guitar playing and music and has taken the instrument into areas no one has gone before! We talk to Steve about his playing, his writing, and some of the other things that have made him who he is today! Steve is very much into supporting up and coming musicians and education and […]
  • August 24, 2015 August 25, 2015
    If you have been playing professionally for some time, eventually you will need a manager. How do you pick a manager? What's the difference between a manager and an agent? We talk to legendary manager Bennett Glotzer about just that! Bennett was a lawyer that decided to become a manager and in 1967 started managing Blood, Sweat & Tears. Other client […]
  • August 17, 2015 August 18, 2015
    When I think of where music is today and an musician that is making it in today's highly convoluted music scene, I think Anna Sentina. A lovely lady, a multi-instrumentalist, but mostly known for her virtuoso bass playing, Anna is also very adept at promoting herself with social media and has accumulated over 30 million views on Youtube! We talk to Anna […]
  • August 10, 2015 August 11, 2015
    Studio guitarist, artist and educator Lance Allyn returns to the show with luthier Jeff Strametz. Jeff is the founder of Boulder Creek Guitars. Lance had brought one of these beautiful guitars to the show with Les Wise (check the FLO Guitar-Enthusiasts archives, June 8, 2015) but Lance didn't get to play the guitar on the show. I did get to try it out a […]
  • August 03, 2015 August 4, 2015
    Kowabunga!!! Surf's up at All About Guitar!! What is surf music? Where did it start? What is the "surf" sound and how do you get it? We discuss that and more tonight with some of the people that were there during those days of twangy guitars and loads of reverb!! Joining me is Tom Potts, who played with the Chancellors. The Chancellors, by the […]
  • July 27, 2015 July 28, 2015
    We all know, as guitarists, the problems we encounter when we play live, especially when we are trying to recreate the sounds we get in the studio. And even more difficult is trying to get the sound of our acoustic instruments to sound as close as possible in a high volume live situation. There are many options and solutions to miking our acoustic guitars, b […]
  • July 20, 2015 July 21, 2015
    Session guitarist, recording artist, and educator Carl Verheyen joins me in studio on this week's show! Known globally for his work in Supertramp, there is a lot more to Carl. As a session musician, he has played guitar on albums by Cher and the Bee Gees, among others, and his guitar work has been featured in film scores such as The Crow and The Usual S […]
  • July 13, 2015 July 14, 2015
    Guitarist Paul Richards is our guest and we will talk about his work with the California Guitar Trio! With fellow guitarists Bert Lams and Hideyo Moriya, the California Guitar Trio has developed quite a following with its music that intersects between rock, jazz, classical, and world music. Since 1991, the group has enthralled listeners with a singular sound […]
  • Max Steingart July 7, 2015
    Welcome to the premiere of Jeff Floro: All About Guitar! On our opening show we talk about how to market ourselves by using social media. Our guest is Max Steingart, known as the "Father of Social Networking," Max has developed courses on internet marketing and social media and has published books, video and online courses. Max's internet trai […]